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Intellectual Property
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Limitations of use
       1. You may use our free products for personal and commercial use, but you must link back to unless that you have paid
            the right to remove such link.
       2. You may modify, or have a third party modify any logo or template after purchase to meet your specific needs
       3. You may sell a purchased non-unique logo or template to one client only; in case of unique logos, templates or custom products, it's entirely up
            to you, as we include full copyrights with these products

Free Logos and Website Templates are downloaded countless of times and we do not transfer all copyrights to the user, only the right to use
                the product with the condition that they have to link back to
       Non-exclusive logos and web site templates
are sold more than once and we do not transfer all copyrights to the buyer, only the right to use the

Exclusive logos and web site templates are sold just once and removed after purchase is complete and all copyright ownership and rights are
                transferred to the buyer.
Refunds products are intangible, and there are no means to physically return the product for a refund or exchange. Because of that we do not issue refunds, no exceptions. However, we will replace a damaged file with the same file, if such a request is made.
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